The Bar is the best place to find someone for a single one night stand. There are two components of best hookup apps and they are a perfect place to meet and the perfect person to share your special and precious moments. The first one can get very easily but to get another one is quite difficult. To shift from a real life to online is a good choice only you need to understand where you can find such perfect match for you.  
This article will provide you Best Dating Appswhich will help in finding the perfect match for you. 
1.       TINDER 
2.       BLENDER 
3.       DOWN 
4.       BUMBLE 
5.       HAPPN 
7.       WILD 
It is a free location-based hookup app which is best known for dating. You can use it for everything not only for just a relationship. You don’t need to scroll through million different profiles to find the idea to match. Only you need to swipe right if you are interested otherwise swipe left if you are not interested. 

It uses your phone’s GPS to locate your neighborhood and they recommend you profiles of only those people who live somewhere around you. If you swipe right, your profile will appear on their feed and if they swipe right, then you can get matched. Hence, it’s a very simple process. 

It is a free hookup app for socially introverted people. It was launched in 2011 which is well known as potential hook-able people. This app has a total of 350 million users. This app also works on the same location-based dating concept and uses the swipe system for the perfect matchmaking algorithm. 

While making a profile you can use a fake name or a picture. This app is perfect for those people who are a little bit shy in nature. They can have fun without revealing their original identity. 

This app is best for you if you are looking for a long-term relationship. This app caters people who look for a serious relationship and everything is categorized in a good manner. It does not limit the straight people but it also welcomes LGBTQ community as well. 

While creating a profile, you get two options either swipe up or down. Swipe up means you are eager to go on a date with that person. And swipe down means you want that person to go down with you. 

This app has a double feature. It is pretty much about getting laid with your best buddies. Hence, it limits you from searching a perfect partner if you don’t have more number of Facebook friends. 

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Best hookup apps for one night stand